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"You're not ready to die. You just stopped teething."
- Episode 89: Death of a Spirit Detective

Koenma: This wont accomplish anything. Please, Yusuke. 
Yusuke: You're half right. I've got a feeling what I'm about to do 
isn't gonna seal up any tunnels or keep demons from having Earth
to play with. Whole worlds probably screwed. Who cares. But I'll
get one thing accomplished, I'll know the loser of this fight. 

"Urameshi! You can't go this way! Think!? What I did against Toguro in that fight, I did for you! I DID IT FOR YOU! But you can't ever die  and it be for me! You can't! YOU CAN'T!"

"I won't ever forgive you! Not if you go out like this! There's
nothing wrong with guys needing each other! For me, you're..
Well you're my..You always gotta be there, Urameshi! Can't you
get it?! If you're not then who am I?"